Studio Review: Pure Yoga

P1220435 (900x675)

Asia Square Tower 2 – Private entrance on level 1

Management: 8/10

Sales staff/ reception: Hard selling, but only consultants will talk to you. Reception does not do sales.

Membership options: Only unlimited access memberships available, no class cards. Drop in rate is $52.

Depends on duration of contract, monthly pay (6 or 12 months, joining fees applied but can be waived) or prepaid (no joining fees, 18 or 24 months, can use bank installments), single outlet or all access. Yoga + fitness access or international access also available. Corporate discounts of 10 – 20% available if you have enough staff from your company joining.

Rates I know of:
Ngee Ann City:

  • 12 months monthly pay- $164+ & joining fee
  • 24 months prepaid – $136+

Chevron House:

  • 12 months monthly pay- $155+& joining fee
  • 24 months prepaid – ???

Asia Square/ Suntec City:

  • ???

Singapore All Yoga:

  • 12 months monthly pay – $184+ & $150 joining fee
  • 24 months prepaid – $152.20+

Singapore All Yoga + Fitness:

  • 12 months monthly pay – $209+ & $200 joining fee
  • 24 months prepaid – $173.88+

Newly launched is cluster access of Yoga + Gym (i.e. Orchard, Raffles or Downtown) which will cost somewhere between the one location price and the all access price. I am not sure how much, but it is a good idea if you only frequent one area!

GST 7% applies to all rates.

Class booking: Available online, 2 days in advanced from 9am – 11pm. Walk in possible. Schedule for following week released at the start of each week eg.11 -17th April will be published on 4th April.

Number of outlets: 4

P1220437 (900x675)

Asia Square Tower 2


Character: Luxurious looking, somewhat spa like. Colour of light is kept warm. Participants regarded clients rather than students. The new Asia Square Tower 2 outlet has more effort with design.

    Condition: Ngee Ann City’s outlet was newly renovated. Well maintained. Chevron house looks like a spa. Asia Square looks the best.

Crowd attracted: Mostly people who work nearby, and they have only 1 outlet access because they will only attend classes near their workplace. For day time customers they’re mainly expat wives, celebrities or yoga teachers.

Class types: Both hot and non-hot available, around 1:3 ratio. A wide variety of class types.

Crowded: Since this is a mega studio, it is very crowded especially lunch time at Chevron and for the famous teachers at Ngee Ann City.

Cleanliness: Mats are moped after every class.

Class timing: Around 30 classes a day at each outlet.

Ngee Ann City – Studio 5

yama (900x675)

Asia Square Tower 2 – Studio Yama

drishti (900x675)

Asia Square Tower 2 – Studio Drishti

P1220553 (900x592).jpg

Asia Square Tower 2 – Studio Niyama 

Yoga rooms: 8/10

Hot class: Infrared panels are used.

Non hot class: Air-conditioning and fan available.

Mats: Manduka.

Class size: Biggest studio holds around 50+. Other studios holds around 30. 5 group studios for Ngee Ann City, 4 studios for Chevron House and Asia Square each.

P1220443 (900x675)

Changing room: 8/10

Toilet: 5 for female.

Showers: 20 for Chevron House, 30+ Ngee Ann City for female changing room.

Towels: Provided in changing rooms and studios, acceptable condition.

Water: Dispensers available.

Lounge area: Big. Ginger and red date tea is free for all. Free mobile charging lockers available. In house healthy food cafe Nood will come to all outlets.

Lockers: Combination locker.

My opinion:

Being a mega studio, there were many of people coming in and out and I didn’t quite like that. The teachers they have here included a mixture of newer ones and older ones. They have many strong classes suitable for advanced practioners, attracting that sort of crowd.

The studio was well maintained for a mega studio. I noticed that all mats are being mopped after every class and that’s great effort because the class sizes are large.

P1220439 (900x675)

Asia Square Tower 2

They have an in house healthy food store called Nood which is from Hong Kong and sells smoothies, muesli and other healthy food. I like that! Currently available at Ngee Ann City and Asia Square Tower 2, as well as all of their Pure Fitness locations.

P1220440 (900x675)

Asia Square Tower 2

The new Asia Square outlet is the best designed among all. The rooms are named Asana, Yama, Niyama and Drishti with a private yoga room called Shakti. I like the new effort to give things more life compared to the other outlets which simply number their rooms. Each room has it’s own special feature – Niyama has a hand painted wall mural, Drishti is the Aerial/ Iyengar yoga fitted room and Yama has 2 sides of full length windows. The Ngee Ann City and Chevron House outlet’s yoga rooms are plain without any specific design.

The studio premises has full length windows all over which means plenty of daylight, and I really like this, even though the current views outside now are of construction sites. Design wise, overall it is so much better than the older outlets lacks character, looking too much like a commercial business.

P1220455 (900x675)

Asia Square Tower 2 – Outside Asana studio

Hand painted wall murals all over the studio also adds to the beauty of this new space, and the lounge area is super big – an upgrade comparing to the other outlets. The changing room and retail area looks exactly like the older outlets though, looks like they didn’t bother designing something new (not that it matters, I’m just stating).

What’s not so great is that for Asia Square, you need to enter through the office building lift and this can be a hassle. You’ll get an access card (free, but $21 for replacement) to a private gantry to the office lifts so you’d better give time allowance for this process of getting there. Ngee Ann City and Chevron house does not require such procedure.

P1220436 (900x675)

Pure Apparel retail section



Pros: Many classes available, Manduka mats, well maintained studio. They have a good quality gym giving members the option to add gym to their existing yoga membership for just $20 – $30 more a month.
Cons: None really. Perhaps not so nice rooms to take pictures in for Ngee Ann City and Chevron house, but Asia Square Tower 2 is good.
Rating: 8/10

Pure Yoga Singapore

Level 18 Ngee Ann City Tower A
391A Orchard Road
Singapore 238873

Level 4 Chevron House
30 Raffles Place
Singapore 048622

Level 6 Asia Square Tower 2
12 Marina View
Singapore 018961

#01-501, Suntec City Mall North Atrium
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

If you would like to have a 3 day trial (instead of the usual 1 class trial should you inquire directly) at any Pure Yoga outlet, let me know and I can get you a free trial. No commitment to purchase membership! This is a really good deal because other studios in Singapore usually charges for their trial!

Email me with your name and contact number and I’ll refer you if you’re interested.

Email me:


Promotion for Aug 2018:

All SEVEN locations of Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness is having open house on every Fri, Sat and Sun! Those who have not been to Pure before are invited to join, and you get to visit on any weekends days from 10 Aug – 30 Sep! I think you’ll be allowed to visit multiple times during this period, so this is a great chance to try Pure for FREE.

You can go to yoga as well as the gym. If you’re interested do email me at with your name and contact number and I’ll register you in!


10 thoughts on “Studio Review: Pure Yoga

  1. Hi Melissa!

    Thank you for your reviews on so many yoga studios.
    Very tempted to try Pure Yoga as their reviews for teachers are quite good.

    Since they hold such big class sizes, will the teachers go around correcting alignments?
    Or most of them will not bother since the class is so big.

    Oh, just a curious question – who’s your favourite teacher over at Hom Yoga? 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    1. Hi Lydia,

      Thanks for your comment! I just updated my post with a lot of new information about Pure which I’ve gathered after doing my training there for the past 2 months so do check it out again.
      Normally yoga teachers will go around but of course not everyone will get adjusted all the time. Especially not for classes which we’re moving a lot like vinyasa because its more of the movements rather than being in a pose. Besides the one biggest studio, actually the other rooms are pretty small. The attention from teachers would be more or less the same as in a boutique studio. Generally, even for the biggest room, it is not as big as True Yoga’s rooms (which can probably fit 100 people or something), so there’s still chance of being corrected in a full class.

      As for Hom Yoga, I’ll drop you an email about it.


  2. Hi Melissa, I’m interested in the 10 day trial! Also wondering if the sales people are pushy? Attended True Yoga’s trial classes but decided not to sign up due to pushiness.


  3. Hi Melissa,

    Really like your detailed reviews on the different studios. I frequent Hom Yoga but am considering a switch. How do I get the 7 days free trial?

    By the way, how did you get invited to Strala studio? Would love to meet with Tara Stiles 🙂



    1. Hi Gem,

      You could email me at with your contact number and I’ll get the person to call you about it and you would get a trial.

      For Tara Stiles, I signed up for that event (paid) but she also had other classes that day, including a complimentary one organized by Lululemon. I reckon she only comes by SG once a year so look out for it next year!



  4. Hi Melissa,
    Is it still possible to get the one-week trial classes ?
    I am considering joining but I’d like to experience it first.
    Thanks for the detailed review !


  5. Hi dear, i’ve Just started on yoga under Hom. May I know who is your favorite teacher? As I’m still very new to Yoga, I would really love To guided under a good teacher.


    1. Hi! For classes at Hom I would recommend Iris for Flow classes, Sita for Yin and Ashtanga (but this class can be physically tough and tiring), Maria for Hot Hatha (she’s the best and only one you should attend if you’re gonna do Hot Hatha).


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