Coconut flesh is heaty in nature while coconut water is cooling. Together, it is a perfect balance of Yin and Yang.

Coconasana = Coconut Pose

My passion in yoga and mindfulness in clean eating helps keep my lifestyle balanced. Yoga came into my life in mid 2012. It all started with a Groupon and after finding a teacher and style which got me hooked, my life totally changed.

I’ve checked out many studios and this blog will be about the best yoga studios in Singapore and around the world.  I will also post clean eating and mindful topics because yoga is not just about the asansas (which means poses, or the exercise), but it’s a whole new lifestyle.

I went further to take YTT in 2016, completing 50 hours of Yin Yoga: Myofascial Release and Spine anatomy with Jo Phee and 200hr Roots of Hatha Yoga at Pure Yoga with Arun & Prakash.

I also blog on Hungry Bird where I eat endlessly in pursuit of the best restaurants in Singapore and around the world (except for durian).



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there! Nice blog. And great reviews. Am currently with HOM for the last couple of years …but have observed their yoyo class pricing. Some times the pricing drops. Sometimes it escalates…. like current class pricing has shot up suddenly. Am thinking of changing studios since I am observing a lot of the HOM teachers have moved to pure yoga. Wondering where you are currently practicing and what do you think

    Thanks !


    1. Hi, I’ve been with Hom for the last few years too and yes I observed the prices changes too. My favourite teacher have moved to pure so now I have pure membership. I still have Hom for another month and will change to class cards to attend a certain teacher I like, occasionally.

      Even though the prices at Hom changes a lot (frustrating to members esp if you missed the better price by a day), if you get 12 months or 6 months it’s still quite cheap. I think you should just select the place which offers the class you like because ultimately it’s only meaningful and worth your time to attend classes which you truly enjoy!


  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right over time my fave Teachers at HOM seem to be leaving for Pure. Hence making me re consider. But thanks again for ur feedback and keep up the blog. It’s wonderful!


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