Recipe: Paleo Banana Pancakes

I love pancakes (who doesn’t?) but normally, I try to avoid wheat products unless inevitable, like when trying some kickass delicious cake outside or something. At home, I like to keep my meals as paleo as possible (generally, no grains and sugar). I was thrilled to find a banana “pancake” recipe and delighted that it actually doesn’t taste as gross as it sounds!

In fact, I found myself craving for the taste sometimes.

For anyone who wants a guilt free pancake, here you go!


  • 1 Banana (medium – large)
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp ground almonds (optional)
  • Cooking oil
  • Toppings (raw honey, almonds, peanut butter etc)



  1. Mash up bananas.
  2. Mix in eggs
  3. Combine with whisk or blender until well mixed
  4. Add ground almonds if desired and baking powder. Mix well
  5. On medium low heat, pan fry the pancakes in a greased skillet until baking powder is activated.
  6. Flip and cook till pancakes are set.
  7. Serve with toppings if your choice. I like raw honey, almonds and peanut butter.



  • If there aren’t enough eggs used the pancakes would not set. Do ensure that you do not add too much bananas.
  • I like to add ground almonds for extra flavour and to make the batter thicker, for easier setting.

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