#MayIBeginYoga2015 Challenge

After my April challenge, I took a break from taking yoga pictures for about an entire month. Today I had some time before my yoga classes so I thought I’ll take some photos, since I was wearing all orange (it looks silly. Will not do it again!) and I ought to have a photo in that. I ended up doing all the poses for this #MayIBeginYoga2015 challenge hosted by Kino Yoga and Beach Yoga Girl! Well I’m not exactly contesting for any prizes but I thought it’s interesting to know how I look like in these basic poses.

All the poses from this challenge are rather beginner friendly but they can be easily done wrong. I had to be mindful to square my hips, keep myself in the centre, engage core or pelvic lock etc.

And within 45 minutes here are my photos for 31 days!

I’m sure my final Savasana (Dead Body Pose) is correct at least!

Orange outfit entirely Lululemon – Free to Be Bra and Wunder Under Crops *Reversible in Pizzaz.

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