Studio Review: True Yoga

Management: 4/10

Sales staff/ reception: Hard selling.

Membership options: Depends on your consultant. Lifetime membership available.

Class booking: Available online but walk in possible. Schedule for following week released at the end of each week.

Number of outlets: 1.


Character: None to speak of. The rooms have office like ceilings with no theme or scenery. The studio premises for Pacific Plaza is all around the mall whereas the Ocean Financial Centre’s outlet is just like an office.

Condition: Wear and tear obvious, poorly maintain and room smells.

Crowd attracted: Plenty of middle aged women who are homemakers or retirees. Plenty of office workers too.

Class types: Around 70% of the classes are non-hot. A wide variety available. Class type can change with teachers, which I observed to be older generally or from India.

Crowded: Since this is a mega studio it is very crowded

Cleanliness: Mats are cleaned periodically. Some classes are held back to back in the same room so mats have no chance to be moped.

Class timing: 30-40 classes a day at each outlet.


Yoga studio: 5/10

Hot class: Infrared panels are used.

Non-hot class: Air-conditioning available.

Mats: Manduka.

Class size: Massive. Too many to count.


Changing room: 3/10

Toilet: Many, but in poor condition.

Showers: Plenty, but some are dirty with rust or odour.

Towels: Provided at reception, but condition is poor with holes in some of them. Generally they are thin to begin with.

Water: Dispenser available.

Lounge area: Big, but for Pacific plaza it is quite exposed.

Lockers: Bring your own lock. Key locker provided only for VIP members.

My opinion:

This place is too run down to be true (hahaha no pun intended). The yoga room at Pacific Plaza smells odd, and while Ocean Financial Centre seems newer, baby cockroaches was spotted in the toilet. Ocean Financial Centre’s outlet is now closed.

As this is a mega studio, I can accept the high volume of people coming in and out, but typically I am not really comfortable this feeling.

The crowd attracted here are mostly aunties and the teachers they have here are also mostly older and more experienced. The yoga style here is more “old” in a sense, since these teachers are more experienced and was trained many years ago. Very different from other studios who employ younger teachers. (Disclaimer: I mean this in a neutral way like comparing red and blue. Newer teachers have different styles but that doesn’t mean they are inferior and older teachers not necessarily better). In short, it isn’t the kind of yoga and environment I would prefer. I am more inclined towards younger style yoga, practicing with younger yogis and I value effort put into the environment (clearly this place doesn’t care).

Pros: Many classes available, Manduka mats.
Cons: Mats are not always cleaned after every use, poorly maintained studio (where did all the money go?), more suitable for older crowd, bring your own lock.
Rating: 4/10

True Yoga – Singapore

Scotts Road, Level 4,
Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210


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