Studio Review: Strala Yoga Singapore

Review updated on 5/7/16 with their new location.

Management: 8/10

Sales staff/ reception: No selling.

Membership options: 1 class ($25), 10 classes ($220),  20 classes ($320) and 30 classes ($540) all valid 6 months. 1 month unlimited ($250).

  • Cheapest price per class: $18

Class booking: Available on Mindbodyonline.

Number of outlets: 1.


  •     Character: Typical shop house, homely.
  •     Condition: Decently maintained.

Crowd attracted: Fans of Tara Stiles and people interested in a more westernized take on yoga.

Class types: Non-hot only, same class types as the original Strala Yoga in New York.

Crowded: Not crowded.

Class timing: 7 classes on weekdays, 5 classes on weekends.

IMG-20160613-WA0010 (900x675)

Yoga studio: 7.5/10

Hot class: None

Non-hot class: Air-conditioned room.

Mats: Lululemon 5mm mat

Class size: 35

Cleanliness: Mats are cleaned.

Changing room: 4/10

Toilet: 2 cubicles (unisex)

Showers: 3 female, 2 male

Towels: $1

Water: $2 per bottle

Lounge area: Not much.

Lockers: None.

My opinion:

This studio is quite different from other studios in Singapore because the style they offer is their own Strala style which is catered to westernized people and not following traditional yoga styles. They avoid Sanskrit names during the class and this may be a good thing to some people, especially those who do not like to feel ‘religious’ while practicing yoga. All teachers here has to be trained by Strala and teach this style.

Compared to their previous location, this studio is much nicer. The wooden flooring was way better than their previous barren concrete floor, and the mats now provide better cushioning than their previous Reebok mats. The price remains the same with an addition of unlimited classes. However, the class size is now bigger than previously (perhaps that’s why they can afford to offer unlimited package), so the small personalized attention feeling is reduced. Still, I appreciate that the prices remain controlled and affordable.

Pros: Studio has “feel”, central location.
Cons: Lack of mirrors, no lockers, towels and water are chargeable.
Rating: 7/10

Strala Yoga Singapore

82 Boat Quay
Singapore 049870

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