Clean eating ingredients in Singapore – Mustafa Center

People serious about clean eating will put in effort to whip up healthy meals from scratch – but it sucks when we find an amazing recipe only to be disappointed because we cannot find the ingredients required easily in Singapore. It is a fact that the clean eating culture isn’t that common in Singapore yet and most places do not stock these ingredients.

Sometimes premium supermarkets like Cold Storage, NTUC Finest or Jasons Marketplace may carry them but it comes with a cost (literally).

The next place I can think of is iHerb, an online store which sells everything healthy. The prices, shipping and transit time is reasonable, so it is a good option, but what if you want something urgently?

I have just found the perfect place in Singapore which solves this problem – Mustafa Centre.

Everyone living in Singapore would know how well stocked Mustafa is, but to what extent is an unknown until you’ve actually been there. They really have everything, and at super low prices (most items) too! It’s also open 24/7 so you can get it in the middle of the night.

So the healthy ingredients often required in healthy recipes are like coconut flour, medjool dates (at NTUC this is only seen during Ramandan period and overpriced), raw nuts (some are available at NTUC but in smaller packages and quite expensive), chia seeds and all sorts of organic stuff. I found everything at Mustafa.

Organic coconut flour for only $3.50! These are from Sri Lanka.

Whole coconuts in husks! Can’t find these in the usual supermarkets.

I also spotted items from Bob’s Red Mill (organic brand found at Cold Storage) so I suppose they stock most international brands too.

Of course, they have all sorts of groceries and it’s not limited to clean ingredients.

I didn’t check out everything slowly but what caught my attention was this:

Echiré butter!! This brand of French butter is known to be one of the best available but extremely elusive in Singapore. I really didn’t expect this. I was approaching the butter section thinking “wow they have so many brands, and Lurpak for such a cheap price, but do they have Echire? My fellow bloggers mentioned how rare it was” and the next moment I actually saw plenty of Echiré sitting on the shelf of the chiller looking at me. The price tag was missing so I don’t know the price, but the fact that they have it here at Mustafa shows that Mustafa really sells everything! I shall get that for my own pineapple tarts next year.

I also spotted Häagen-Dazs (no gimmick, it’s made in France like all others) for just $9.90 a pint (it’s 2 for $23 when on special offer at other supermarkets!).

I managed to get You-C1000 vitamin C drink for $0.95 a bottle. It could be even lower if I got it in a pack of 6. This is normally like $7 for a pack of 6 at Cold Storage or $2.50 when sold individually at 7-11.

Mustafa is like a dream come true. Other than cheaper groceries, you can get cheaper anything here, like toiletries and supplements (now drugstores like Watsons or Guardian seems like a scam). I spotted the Hakubi C 360 tablets for $49.90 (this is usually $109 for twin pack if available at Nishino Pharmacy) and $27.90 for the 180 tablets version (U.P $49.00 at drugstores).

I’m so glad this place exists in the heart of Singapore so I can now try out various Paleo or clean eating recipes without restrictions due to availability of ingredients!

Mustafa Centre
145 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207704

Serangoon Plaza (Branch)
320 Serangoon Road Singapore 218108

Open 24h

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