Studio Review: Anahata Yoga

Management: 5/10

Sales staff/ reception: Teacher doubles up as reception.

Membership options: Class cards – 10 ($240), 30 ($660) and 50 ($1000). Unlimited – 1 month ($300), 3 months ($750) and 1 year ($1800)

Cheapest price per class: $20 or $150 a month.

Class booking: Available on mindbodyonline.

Number of outlets: 1.


Character: Rustic and no frills.

Condition: Signs of age is obvious and seems to have little maintenance.

Crowd attracted: Many strong practioners spotted – some office workers, some students.

Class types: Good mix of non-hot and hot classes. Classes of various levels available.

Crowded: Reasonably not crowded.

Class timing: 3 – 7 classes a day (mostly 5 or 6 classes).

Yoga studio: 6/10

Hot class: Hot air heaters used. With the humidity, it made me sweat a lot.

Non hot class: No air-conditioning in the studios so only natural ambient temperature and fans.

Mats: Some mats are Manduka.

Class size: Maximum 20 I guess for both rooms.

Cleanliness: Clean your own mat after class.

Changing room: 6/10

Toilet: 2, on ground floor.

Showers: 5.

Towels: Provided but in aged condition.

Water: Provided. Bottles are available for use if you forget to bring your own.

Lounge area: Changing room area of sufficient size. Area at reception is also spacious.

Lockers: Metal lockers with keys provided.

My opinion:

To be very blunt, the whole place looks like it’s falling apart.  This studio has been around for years, so I guess age has part to do with all the wear and tear, but in the first place the place wasn’t renovated to look well polished and the whole place seems very old. They also don’t have designated staff for the reception or for cleaning.

Everything seemed really rustic, with exposed parts and rough walls. The toilets were on the ground level and the condition of it looked a lot like a coffeeshop’s while the shower area had little walk way (with a drain as part of it). On the other hand, I did like how the air-conditioning was strong enough in the changing room because shophouses tend to get warm easily. It was also sweet of them to provide bottles to refill water with if you forgot your own.

This place is definitely not for those who are looking for a well polished environment for yoga. This is a lot like studios you find in USA. It’s one of those places where only the class quality counts and nothing else.  For that area, I guess it was delivered because the teacher was good and class was interesting. However, the prices aren’t exactly much lower than other places so it’ll be good if they can upgrade their studio a bit.

Pros: Good class types.
Cons: Very poor condition of studio and lack of service.
Rating: 5.5/10

Anahata Yoga
86A Arab Street
Singapore 199782


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