Studio Review: Hom Yoga

Review updated on 5/7/2016!


Management: 8/10

Sales staff/ reception: Friendly, no selling at all.

Membership options: Class cards – 5 ($165) valid 45 days, 10 ($320) valid 3 months, 20 ($600) valid for 9 months, 30 ($850) and 50 ($1300) both valid 1 year. Unlimited membership 1 month ($350), 3 months ($900), 6 months ($1320) and 12 months ($2160).

Class cards – 5 ($150) valid 45 days, 10 ($290) valid 3 months, 20 ($540) valid 3 months, unlimited membership 1 month ($290),  ongoing unlimited membership minimum 3 months ($190), 6 months ($1104) and 12 months ($2070).

  •     Cheapest price per class: $27 or $172/month for unlimited.

Class booking: Available on mindbodyonline, no penalty for no show or late cancellation but 3 consecutive offences within a month will result in temporary suspension of booking rights. Teacher schedule released 1 – 2 months ahead but sometimes teachers subject to last minute changes. Class type remains fixed.

Number of outlets: 2.


  •     Character: Bright and clean looking, parquet flooring with high ceilings for Orchard Central. Raffles Place is smaller and more run down in comparison. Studio feels intimate and homely and I can leave my things around unattended without fearing something will be missing.
  •     Condition: Well-maintained over the years. Minimal signs of wear and tear.

Crowd attracted: A mix but mostly younger working crowd.

Class types: Mostly hot (60%) classes. With exception of Flow and Yin classes, majority of the classes are fixed series like Bikram inspired class called Hot Hatha and Hot Ashtanga (you don’t find Ashtanga practiced hot anywhere else!). They have their own fixed sequence called Hot Hom too.
From April 2016, they have changed their class types, removing Hot Hom and changing Ashtanga to non-heate (YAY!). They also added a few Yin Yang classes to the schedule. It’s about 50% hot classes now with many Flow classes in the schedule. (Bikram style is losing popularity, really). Beginners are recommended to take one of the  fixed sequences before trying Flow classes, which are more challenging. (There’s no beginner’s basic Hatha yoga class here.)

Crowd: Weekday evenings (6pm, 6:30pm, 7pm and 7:30pm) and weekend mornings at Orchard Central may be full, but not for all classes. Other time slots are not very crowded.

Class timing: 7 classes a day for Raffles Place, 10 classes a day for Orchard Central on weekdays. No classes mid-afternoon.


Taken at Hom Yoga Orchard Central

Yoga studio: 8/10

Hot class: Temperature kept between 40 – 45°C, and heat can get unbearable especially for Raffles studio which uses traditional heater (more humid). Orchard Central uses infrared panels.

Non-hot class: No air-conditioning in the yoga room, so only natural ambient temperature. No fans.

Mats: They have their own specially ordered mats which are thicker, wider and longer than usual. Padding is very good and no sign of wear and tear even after years. This may be better than Manduka in fact.

Class size: 42 48and 24 28 for Orchard Central, 20 and 30 for Raffles Place. They recently squeezed in more mats making Orchard Central’s class a lot squeezier than before.

Cleanliness: Mats are cleaned after every class.

day 10-2

Hom Yoga Orchard Central’s changing room

Changing room: 8/10

Toilet: 1 for Raffles, 0 for Orchard Central (use mall’s toilet).

Showers: 6 for Raffles, 12 for Orchard Central.

Towels: Provided at the reception and towels are in good condition, thick with no holes but had strong bleach smell. I recommend a bringing a face towel for good skin’s sake. 2 towels per class will be given but more can be obtained if you need.

Water: Available.

Lounge area: Small.

Lockers: Metal lockers with keys provided at Raffles, built in combination lockers for Orchard Central.


Taken at Hom Yoga Raffles Place

My opinion:

This is my current regular studio and what made me try in the first place was the ambiance. I liked the bright and airy character of the studio. My favourite teachers happen to teach here too which makes it even better.

However, majority of the classes are hot and personally I’m not a big fan. I can accept hot classes but I will try to look for cool spots. The class types offered are quite limited with only 5 types – Hot Hatha, Hot HomHot Ashtanga (recently changed to non-hot), Hot Flow , Yin Yang and Yin (only 6 classes per week though), and a non-hot version for the Flow (but the yoga type is the same).

I go only for Flow, Yin, Yin Yang and Ashtanga classes (but ONLY if it’s my favourite Ashtanga teacher) here. I dislike fixed sequence classes so I tend to skip Hot Hatha (like Bikram). Even though this may seem really limited, the variety is sufficient for me because the yoga done in all Flow classes are always different, and this is good enough for me. They have several Flow classes a day so I can do multiples.

All classes are multi-level, so to get an easier or harder classes you need to know which teacher to look for. There’s no beginner’s Hatha class and for newcomers they recommend Hot Hatha. Beginners will do the fixed classes over and over again until they get familiar with some of the techniques. Personally, if I was a beginner, I will not like yoga if I had to start by repeating series in a hot room. A good number of students here are quite seasoned with yoga (and this is apparent from what they are wearing!).

What is really don’t like however, is how often the prices change! They do it without warning and I think it’s very unfair to members.

Pros: Good ambiance, strong classes, no hard selling, good quality mats (superior to Manduka)
Cons: Too hot at times, many Hot Hatha classes in the schedule, lack of toilet within studio premises for Orchard Central. Prices changes too often, without warning.
Rating: 8/10

Hom Yoga Singapore

181 Orchard Road #06-12/13
Singapore 238896

3 Canton Street #02-01
Singapore 049745

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