Studio Review: Updog Studio


Management: 7/10

Sales staff/ reception: No selling at all.

Membership options: Class cards – 10 ($320) valid 4 months, 20 ($560) valid 6 months, 50 ($1190) and 100 ($2000) both valid 1 year. Unlimited membership 1 month ($360), 6 months ($1800) and 12 months ($2700)

  • Cheapest price per class: $20 or $225.00/month for unlimited.

Class booking: Available on mindbodyonline. Teacher schedule only released 1 week ahead but class type remains fixed.

Number of outlets: 1.


  • Character: Good facilities, big and clean space, but no windows or natural light in the yoga or changing room.
  • Condition: Well-maintained over the years. Minimal signs of wear and tear.

Crowd attracted: Mostly people in their 30s perhaps, many non-office workers. (A weekday 9am class can be almost full with 30 odd students.)

Class types: A mix of both hot and non-hot. Fixed sequence classes do not dominate and beginners can take a beginner’s hatha class.

Crowd: Not very crowded. Last minute booking should be alright.

Class timing: 6 classes a day, morning and evening for weekdays.


Yoga studio: 8/10

Hot class: Infrared panels are used. Heat was hot enough but still manageable.

Non-hot class: Room was air-conditioned.

Mats: Manduka.

Class size: Studio 1 – about 35, Studio 2 – about 21.

Cleanliness: Mats are cleaned after every class.


Changing room: 8/10

Toilets: 2 or 3.

Showers: Around 6 – 8 cubicles (can’t recall).

Towels: Provided in the yoga room and changing room. Towels are not very new or thick but at least they do not have holes.

Water: Available.

Lounge area: Premises of whole studio is big, with benches, chairs and tables around.

Lockers: Designated locker key will be given when you sign in.

My opinion:

I’ve been here several times and the facilities here are good and I like how this place is big, making me feel comfortable. I liked the polished look of the entire place because I personally do not prefer shabby looking yoga studios. Many students were spotted wearing Lululemon here, so I suppose the crowd consists of a number of serious yogis.

The Hot Flow class I tried here was of similar standard to Hom Yoga’s and it was enjoyable. Hatha yoga is available for beginners to start learning yoga too.

With the good facilities and a lot of space to move around, this is one of my favaourite studios in Singapore.

Pros: Nice studio, strong classes available, no hard selling, Manduka mats used.
Cons: Not a lot of classes per day.
Rating: 7.66/10

Updog Studio

902 East Coast Parkway
Block B, #02-05A
Big Splash
Singapore 449874

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