Studio Review: All About Yoga

Management: 7/10

Sales staff/ reception: Friendly family based, no hard sell but will inform you of new promotions.

Membership options: Class cards – 8 ($176) valid 2 months, 12 ($240) valid 3 months, 24 ($432) valid 4 months or 36 ($576) all valid for 6 months. Unlimited 1 month ($200) or 6 months ($900).

Cheapest price per class: $16 or $150/month unlimited.

Class booking: Online form (they will sms to acknowledge) or by SMS. Schedule for whole month released 1 week before month begins

Number of outlets: 1.


Character: No frills.

Condition: Well maintained.

Crowd attracted: Office workers from around the area, mostly not strong in yoga but a few strong regulars exist.

Class types: Mostly non hot-classes and most classes are beginner friendly.

Crowded: Not crowded. Last minute booking should be alright.

Cleanliness: Mats are cleaned only periodically, not after every class.

Class timing: Mostly 3 classes a day – evening for weekdays, morning for Saturday.


Yoga studio: 6/10

Hot class: Infrared panels are used. But heat is not hot, around 35°C or less.

Non-hot class: Air-conditioning can be cold.

Mats: PVC mats, with a few pieces of TPE mats. Not very ideal and you may want to bring your own mat for comfort.

Class size: Maximum around 24 mats.


Changing room: 5/10

Toilet: Outside, in the industrial building.

Showers: None.

Towels: Not provided.

Water: Water and tea provided.

Lounge area: Big

Lockers: Key lockers available.

My opinion:

This place is located in an industrial building and is a really small studio with only 1 room. However, they have really good teachers so it’s worth checking out if this location is convenient for you. Most of the classes won’t make you sweat a lot and the hot classes are not even hot, so the lack of shower facilities isn’t worrying. Besides, you will probably head home after this because there’s nothing much to do around the area. Most of the people who come here are not very experienced yogis, so the classes are typically quite entry level. Beginners will definitely fit in well here.

They run promotions from time, so the rate is usually around $10 a class. It’s the no-frills kind of place and you’re really just paying for the good teacher.

Pros: Low price, quality teachers
Cons: mats are not cleaned after every use, low quality mats
Rating: 6/10

All About Yoga

605B MacPherson Rd.
#05-11 Citimac
Singapore 368241

Tel: 65019380

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