Studio Review: Yoga Inc.

Update 25/4/16: new locations added. Review is for Guillemard Road outlet.


Management: 7/10

Sales staff/ reception: Friendly, no selling.

Membership options: Class cards – 10 ($300), 20 ($500) or 30 ($600) all valid for 6 months. Unlimited 1 month ($300) or 3 months ($840)

  • Cheapest price per class: $20 or $300/month unlimited.

Class booking: Online booking on mindbodyonline available. Schedule released 1 month ahead and class types are fixed.

Number of outlets: 1. 3.


  • Character: Natural (with no air-conditioning), bright and airy with homely vibe with lots of exposed concrete.
  • Condition: New and well maintained.

Crowd attracted: Studio is quite new so there may be newcomers, but the crowd was observed to be quite mixed with some stronger practioners.

Class types: Mostly non-hot classes and most classes are beginner friendly. Intermediate practioners can go for flow 2 which happens once a week.

Crowded: Not very crowded. Last minute booking should be alright.

Cleanliness: Mats are cleaned after every class.

Class timing: 6 – 11 classes a day, mostly morning and evening for weekdays.


Yoga studio: 7/10

Hot class: Infrared panels are used. Hot, but manageable.

Non-hot class: No air-conditioning for the whole premises so ambient temperature, with ceiling fans on.

Mats: Their own brand but quality is good with good resistance, safe for knees

Class size: 3 studios which can accommodate 10, 20 and 30 mats.


Changing room: 7/10

Toilet: 1 + 2 unisex cubicles.

Showers: 6.

Towels: Provided at reception in new and good condition.

Water: Available.

Lounge area: Very big because the area of the whole studio is big, but no air-conditioning available.

Lockers: Bring your own lock.


My opinion:

This place is quite homely and may appeal to some, but not so for me because I always prefer a polished looking studio. The studio doesn’t have air conditioning throughout which fits into the rustic natural theme (lots of concrete). This is definitely an acceptable theme for a yoga studio and gives the studio some character, rather than looking like a purely business oriented place making money from yoga membership. I noticed that the studio wasn’t hot and humid despite the lack of air-conditioning. This should be attributed to the high ceilings and good ventilation, thus heat and steam isn’t trapped in (unlike shop house units). The temperature was bearable everywhere I went.

However, when the weather gets too hot, air-conditioning is still desirable.

The class types are mostly beginner friendly, so not so ideal for me, but will be a good place to start yoga. I would give a better rating if they had more flow classes, use manduka mats and use a better locker system. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good studio with effort put in for the management.

Pros: Studio ambiance has character, toilets within the studio, good ventilation.
Cons: Lack of air-conditioning, bring your own lock system.
Rating: 7/10

Yoga Inc.

100 Guillemard Road
Singapore 399718

Tel: 93261789

New locations:

Tiong Barhu
21 Yong Siak Street
Singapore 168651
Tel: 90923922 ( Whatsapp or SMS preferred)
9 Sentul Crescent #01-03
Singapore 828654
SAFRA Punggol
Tel: 97990818 ( Whatsapp or SMS preferred)

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