(Moved) Studio Review: The Yoga Co.

Update: Studio has shifted to Bugis.

Management: 7/10

Sales staff/ reception: No selling at all.

Membership options: Class cards – 10 ($320), 20 ($600), 30 ($750).
1 month Unlimited ($200).

  • Cheapest price per class: $25.

Class booking: Available on mindbodyonline.

Number of outlets: 1. (soon to be 3)


  • Character: Literally someone’s house.
  • Condition: Like a house that someone’s really living in.

Crowd attracted:

Class types: Non-hot classes as well and bootcamp.

Crowd: Not very crowded. Last minute booking should be alright.

Class timing: 5 – 7 classes a day – 7am, noon, 3:30pm and evenings.

My first time holding in crow! (Photo was taken in their old premises)

First time for Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1 too.

Yoga studio: 6.5/10

Hot class: Not available.

Non-hot class: Air-conditioner available but not used.

Mats: Unknown brand – seems to be latex but resistance was not as strong as Hom or Meraki Yogas’s, similar to Yoga Inc.

Class size: 15 mats.

Cleanliness: Clean your own mat with the antiseptic spray provided.

(Photo taken in their old premises)

Changing room: 6.5/10

Toilets: 2.

Showers: 2 cubicles.

Towels: Provided.

Water: Available.

Lounge area: Living room of the house.

Lockers: None. Put your belongings in the living room

(Photo taken in their old premises)

My opinion:(Review is of in their old premises)

This place compared to other studios is like an Airbnb apartment compared to a hotel. You can’t have the same expectations. Firstly, the studio isn’t opened all day so you can’t just come in as you wish to chill. It’s like going to a person’s house – you need a prior appointment or you may not be able to enter.

The house is well, like a house. The shower room is the size of a bigger bathroom with 2 cubicles in it for showering and it is very humid due to lack of ventilation. However, I did like how better toiletries were provided. The bathroom looks exactly like a normal house’s bathroom, with things scattered all around.

The yoga room actually looked better in pictures. In reality, the condition isn’t pristine because they don’t have an in house cleaner, and it’s actually only the windows and curtains that looked good. The rest of the room was quite ordinary. The mats could do with better resistance but it’s still quite acceptable.

Pros: Small class size.
Cons: Humid shower and changing area, lack of in house cleaner.
Rating: 6.5/10

The Yoga Co.

73 Kim Yam Rd
Singapore 239370

Tel: 63343306

10 Pahang St
Singapore 198611
*2 more outlets to open end of July!*
YOCO Lawn – Chai Chee
YOCO Loft – Katong

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