(Closed) Studio Review: Space & Light Studios

*Studio has closed*

Management: 8/10

Sales staff/ reception: No selling.

Membership options: Class cards – 10 ($320) valid 2 months, 25 ($712) valid 6 months, 50 ($1325) valid 5 months (share between 2) and 100 ($2500) valid 6 months (share between 4). Unlimited – 1 month ($360), 6 months ($1650) and 1 year ($2400).

  •     Cheapest price per class: $25 or $200/ month.

Class booking: Available on Mindbodyonline, penalty of 1 class deducted for no show or cancellation less than 6hr before.

Number of outlets: 1.


  •     Character: A modern gym because it shares the space with R-Evolution.
  •     Condition: Well maintained.

Crowd attracted: Working adults.

Class types: Mostly non-hot, famous for their alignment based Anusara power yoga by Lynn & Sumei.

Crowded: Not crowded.

Class timing: 9 classes on weekdays, 6 classes on weekends.

Studio 4

Yoga studio: 8/10

Hot class: Infrared heating panels.

Non-hot class: Air-conditioned room.

Mats: Some rooms have Manduka mats while others use thick mats with good resistance.

Class size: Less than 30 for all 3 rooms.

Cleanliness: Mats are cleaned after every class.

Changing room: 8.5/10

Toilet: 3 cubicles.

Showers: 7.

Towels: Small towel provided at reception, big towels provided in changing room. Towels were thick and fluffy.

Water: 2 water dispensers.

Lounge area: In house healthy food and juice café within R-evolution.

Lockers: Combination locker.

Pilates reformer studio


My opinion:

Space & Light studio shares the same space as R-evolution which provides other gym classes like pilates reformer, RIOT, TRX and MMA Fitness. There are 3 rooms used for yoga classes. Studio 1 features full length windows overlooking Sentosa but doesn’t have mirrors. Studio 4 is equipped with heating panels for hot yoga and it has mirrors and Manduka mats. Studio 5 where I had my non-hot class did not have mirrors, heating panels or any view. The mats were not Manduka but of good quality. On the other hand, blocks, straps and yoga bolsters were from Manduka. The changing room was big and spacious and facilities were good. No signs of wear and tear were visible. I like the condition of the studio overall but perhaps I would enjoy my class better with mirrors or in Studio 1 where there’s a nice view. The in house café serving healthy food is definitely a bonus. However, the whole place felt more like a fitness gym rather than a yoga sanctuary. It would be better if more elements of yoga were present.

Pros: Clean and polished looking studio with good facilities and good quality props.
Cons: Lack of view or mirrors in some rooms.
Rating: 8.5/10

Space & Light Studios @ R-evolution

1 Harbourfront Walk
#03-09 Vivocity
Singapore 098585

Merging with COMO Shambala from 16th May 2016

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