Bangkok – Absolute Yoga Amarin

Recently I had my very first trip to Bangkok. Typically the usual things people do in Bangkok doesn’t really appeal to me, but the thought of checking out studios there did. It was the main attraction of Bangkok in my opinion!

There are so many yoga studios in Bangkok, within the small radius of the city center. I saw some yoga, pilates and barre studios on GuavaPass and was considering to subscribe, because for GuavaPass you can switch between cities within the subscription month, meaning I can continue using it back home, (or from the other perspective, to not waste 4 days of my pass by being abroad, because I can use it there). However, I didn’t have time for other classes in Singapore as my month was packed, so I didn’t get the GuavaPass.

My time there was short. If I had more days, I would want to try more studios for sure (I was very interested in Physique57, a Barre studio from New York! It’s also listed on GuavaPass). I only managed to try one – Absolute Yoga. They have many outlets in Bangkok and I picked this one at Amarin Plaza (connected to Chitlom BTS station) because they had a class I wanted to try. For newcomers, you get 3 classes for the price of 1 drop in class, which is 750B (~S$30).

Mambership Package-final-01-1.jpg

Here is the usual membership rates.

The inflexible thing about this chain is that you cannot switch between outlets! For my 3 classes, I had to use it at the same one.

The class I attended was by a teacher from Singapore, which came recommended to me by someone who has tried his class when he was teaching in Absolute Yoga Singapore (before it all went downhill). I tried his class and I LOVED IT! The default language used was English.

I went back the next day and went for a class by a Thai instructor. She instructed in Thai initially but included English cues when she realised I’m not Thai. The class was strong too, and the other people in the room looked like advanced practioners. It was a 9am class so you can expect that they are the full time yogis.

The studio itself was very big, and it looked a lot like Absolute/ Affinity Yoga in Singapore before it closed down. The kind of mats used, how they distribute towels, size of classes, changing room – basically it’s pretty much the same.

For those who haven’t been to the one in Singapore before, the mats used was cheap PVC mats, towels are placed on each mat for practice and for shower you can help yourselves to towels in the room. Water refill is not provided but available for sale at 10B. Locks for lockers are provided if you ask. Smaller lockers in the room with keys are also available.


Overall the experience was pleasant, and if I lived there I would sign up as a member… but I don’t understand why can’t can’t allow flexibility between studios! My favourite teacher isn’t just stationed at one studio and his schedule changes every week. It’ll be hard to determine which outlet is better in that case.

Absolute Yoga Amarin Plaza
4th Floor, Amarin Plaza, Ploenchit Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

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