Looney Tunes Fun Run 2016

I’d never thought I’d join a run of any kind, ever, because it’s simply not something I enjoy doing. However, with a theme including my favourite character Tweety, I decided to try for the first (and maybe last) time in my life!


Tweety and Bugs!


Stopped to take a touristy shot of Siloso beach along the way.

The weather was very nice that morning and even though the event start was too early for comfort at 7:30am, any later it would have been too hot for an outdoor run like this. The air was very fresh and the route was enjoyable. Before I knew it I was already approaching the finishing line. I couldn’t believe that I have covered 5km but according to my fitness tracker on my phone indeed it was!


The finisher’s medal’s strap is really cute with Looney Tunes characters.


Wearing Lululemon Run: Stuff your bra sports bra, High Times Pants and Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes.



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