Zespri Kiwi Fest Singapore

OPWhen I learnt that Cassey Ho of Blogilates fame was coming to Singapore, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I doubled check to see that it was for real, and this happened because of Zespri. In conjunction with promotion the Sun Gold Kiwi, Zespri invited Cassey to Sydney Australia, Malaysia and Singapore!

This was the first time for Cassey visiting Singapore and could probably be the only time in the near future. I could not miss the chance to try her famous POPilates live!

A brief background about Blogilates: Cassey Ho from California, USA started offering pilates online classes of short videos and also workout information and healthy recipes to match on her blog. There are many people doing this but her natural energetic and cheerful vibe was very well received. Her routines are easy to follow and she uses upbeat music, hence the term POP Pilates. It is different from the usual Stott Pilates method and some of her routines includes moves from barre or poses from yoga. Over the past few years since 2009, she has gained immense popularity, with fan base (known as POPsters) growing all over the world. In USA they even have POP Pilates teacher training and have studios teaching her method!

In Singapore, many young girls follow her routine via YouTube and are big fans of hers despite never seeing her in person before. It is not often that a fitness instructor gets so much following! She sends positive vibes and proper messages about body image and this goes well with the new trends about the ideal body. The anorexic size 00 model look from early 2000s is no longer in fashion thanks to these fitness stars who advocate a healthier way to look good and feel good.

I’m actually not an avid follower, having only tried a few videos every now and then, but I’ve liked her style ever since the beginning and would jump at the chance of trying her class!

The Zespri Kiwi Fest Singapore 2016 happened at Empress Lawn, in front of the Victoria Theatre and the turn out was as massive as I had imagined. I’m glad the weather was kind! Not too hot and not wet.

Besides the appearance of Cassey Ho, Zespri arranged for a yoga session to start to morning and various booths providing food featuring their Sun Gold Kiwi. There were also cute kiwi themed stuff placed all over the event venue and activities for children.

P1200875 (900x675)

Since we’re on a lawn and we have mats, it’s a good chance for a picnic!

I brought my own homemade guacamole, tomato salsa, honey lemon with chia seed drink and granola. Zespri gave out free Sun Gold kiwis and Park Bench Deli provided breakfast bowls of yogurt and granola with freshly sliced kiwis!


P1200879 (900x675)

Pig out or workout? Hmmm

IMG_20160605_122248 (791x900)

Glad we had food because we were there since 8:30am waiting for the appearance of Cassey at 10am!

P1200885 (900x675)

And the moment we’ve all be waiting for!

P1200884 (900x675)

“This is not YouTube. Now you cannot pause me!” – Cassey Ho, Blogilates.

Yes, I was guilty of pausing her 5 minute videos at the 1 minute mark when I tried her squats or abs challenged. Her POP Pilates are not for the faint hearted.

P1200883 (900x675)

“Have you tried eating the skin of kiwi?”

P1200882 (900x675)

P1200889 (900x631)

I didn’t make it through her 45 minutes sequence. I probably only attempted half of it and rested when I needed to! It was loads of fun but tough work guys!

P1200904 (900x675)

Photo with the Sun Gold kiwi mascot.

P1200908 (900x675)

Riding on a Sun Gold kiwi bike.

IMG_20160605_121649 (675x900)

Sun Gold kiwi popsicle by Popaganda. It was good!

P12008952 (900x651)

Wild thing on a Sun Gold kiwi mat. These were picnic mats I suppose, they had a few parasols for people who need the shade to enjoy a picnic. They also had hammocks.

There was a chance for photo with Cassey but the queue was insane so I didn’t get to.


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