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Yonanas is a machine which can turn frozen bananas into “ice cream”. Basically the frozen banana when blended becomes a creamy and thick base, so there isn’t a need for other ingredients at all! This is no news because banana “ice cream” has been around for a while. I even have a recipe up here! You can do it with a regular blender, but Yonanas made it a little easier with the right shape and dispensing chute for it. Bananas are perfect for the base because it has natural sweetness and the creamy texture, and other frozen fruits can be thrown in as well.

So lately I’m into smoothie bowls, having it as my first meal on most days. My ghetto bullet hand blender is really lousy and it always gets stuck blending my frozen berries and bananas. I have to add in liquid like coconut milk to help it move, but my smoothie base will turn out too fluid and that’s not ideal.

Since Yonanas is able to process frozen fruits without any additional liquid, I thought it’ll be a good machine to create smoothie bowls! I had thought of getting a Nutribullet for my smoothies, which is a stronger bullet blender, but Yonanas seemed like it could do the trick for a fraction of the price.

P1200952 (900x675)

The “ice cream” come out in strips like this.

Tip: Chill your bowl in the freezer for a while before using so your ice cream won’t melt so quick.

P1200957 (900x675)

1 banana and 1 cup of raspberries later, I got my raspberry smoothie base! The base stayed solid pretty long and was thick and creamy. I’m not sure how this machine works, but it does have the churned texture of ice cream.

P1200958 (900x675)

Toppings overload!

P1200963 (900x675)

See how firm the base was?

Besides smoothie bowls and regular banana based ice cream, you can be creative and find other purposes for this Yonanas blender. According to their recipe selection, you can make popsicles and frozen pie fillings with the Yoananas and it’s all healthier than usual because it can be dairy free using only bananas! Got to try that next time.

20160618_160838 (900x651).jpg

This one is made with 2 frozen bananas and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. In the bowl, I mixed in some coconut milk (drinking type) to make it smoother. It would actually be better with 3 instead of 2 as it was not enough!


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