Brunch + Balance with Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles, founder of Stråla Yoga in NYC, was in town over the weekends conducting a retreat at W hotel Singapore. For today (Monday), she conducted several classes at Stråla Singapore’s studios and I took the opportunity to sign up for this session!

IMG-20160613-WA0010 (900x675)

I’ve done a review of Stråla Singapore before, but they recently moved over to this new space just last month and it’s much nicer! No longer looking so bare and baren.

The mats were Lululemon’s 5mm mats and they looked pretty new! Lululemon was also having a trunk show today only, at Strala.

The session started with a Stråla Energize class, led by Tara. The Energize class was somewhat gentle, aimed at letting you feel fresh after class. For Stråla they believe in swaying around while in poses and do not use Sankrit names.

P1210070 (900x675)

Tara has written several books regarding food. She’s not trained in nutrition and her information is based on what she personally believes in, which is basically to make your own rules.

P1210073 (900x675)

Juice, smoothies and nut milks were provided. These are recipes from Tara’s cook book and freshly prepared by the Daily Juice. You can get them at Stråla Singapore. The Fire Bowl for lunch is a simple recipe from Tara’s cook book, comprising of black beans, lentils, brown rice, capsicum, jalapeño, lime and olive oil.

P1210078 (706x900)

After the yoga session was a sharing session with Tara.


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