Studio reivew: Humming Puppy (Sydney)

I recently had a trip to Sydney with yoga being the main objective. In a place like Australia where things are well designed, I was looking forward to check out their yoga studios. Indeed, I was not disappointed. The moment I landed, I got myself ClassPass which allowed me to go to various studios.

ClassPass is a multi studio pass and in Australia, they have many brands doing this. It seems to be surviving better in Australia than Singapore, where only 2 of 3 still survives.

(Read about multi studio passes in Singapore here.)

P1210504 (675x900)

The lounge area looking very beautiful. I love those full length drapes.

P1210505 (900x675)


Sales staff/ reception: Friendly,non-hard selling

Membership options: 1 month – AU$165, 10 class cards – AU$300

  •     Cheapest price per class: AU$30

Class booking: Book your specific mat.

Number of outlets: 2 (1 in Melbourne).


  •     Character: Industrial loft.
  •     Condition: New condition.

Crowd attracted: Unsure

Class types: Unified Hum (Hatha), Dynamic Hum (Vinyasa), Mellow Hum (Yin), Deepen your Hum (Specific themed class) – all non-hot.

Crowd: Unsure

Class timing: 8 classes on weekdays starting 6:30am, 5 on weekends

13-Humming-Puppy-Shala (900x600).jpg

(Image taken from

Yoga studio: 10/10

Non-hot class: 1 room warmed up their rooms up to 27 deg C so it feels comfortable even during the cold winter.

Mats: Manduka.

Props: Manduka blocks, straps and bolsters.

Class size: 39.

Cleanliness: They will clean it for you.


P1210503 (900x675)

P1210506 (900x675)

Changing room: 9/10

Toilet: 1

Showers: 3

Towels: Provided

Water: Tea, filtered water and coconut water are provided for free.

Lounge area: Huge common area.

Lockers: Key lockers provided

Humming Puppy has one studio in Melbourne and one in Sydney. For Sydney, it is located in Redfern. It was only about 10 minutes away by bus from Surry Hills, so the location is quite accessible and not too dodgy.

The studio’s unique feature is their music which they specially developed for the studio.

Both our hum and our music was composed and designed by Mitch Allen from OneTwoStudios.  Mitch and his team designed a natural hum sound from a recording of our own singing bowls that they later de-tuned to resonate at 40hz.  He also composed a suite of long form soundscapes to accompany each of our three class styles that work harmoniously with our hum.

They name their classes with English names like Mellow Hum, Dynamic Hum etc so it does not follow a specific traditional style of yoga and will not scare people with too much culture.

Overall, the service here was impeccable. Everything is provided. Typically in Australia, most studios run on no frills basis – you need to bring your own mats and towels or rent it. But the newer studios like this one gives over the top service and I love it. The Manduka bolsters were so luxuriously soft. They even provide power banks if you need to charge your phone.

I wish there was a boutique studio like this in Singapore which has the best of everything – big space, a beautiful space with character, good service and amenities.

Being able to reserve your specific mat is a good idea so you don’t need to rush down early in order to do so!

Humming Puppy
Levels 1 & 2/146 Abercrombie Street, Redfern, New South Wales 2016, Australia 


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