Studio Review: In Yoga (Sydney)

P1210657 (900x675)


Management: 9/10

Sales staff/ reception: Friendly,non-hard selling

Membership options: 5 classes – AU$110, 10 classes – AU$210
Unlimited – $77/ fortnight 1 month commitment ($154/ month), $69/fortnight 6 months commitment ($138/month), $1600 annual ($133/ month).

  •     Cheapest price per class: AU$21

Class booking: Mindbodyonline

Number of outlets: 1


  •     Character: Bright and spacious
  •     Condition: Well maintained

Crowd attracted: Unsure

Class types: Flow, Align, Yin, Rejuvenate

Crowd: Unsure

Class timing: 8 – 10 classes on weekdays starting 6:15am to 7:30pm, 5 classes on weekends

P1210628 (900x675)
Shiva room – For Vinyasa classes

P1210653 (900x675)Shakti room – for Yin classes

P1210644 (900x675)


P1210651 (900x675)

P1210639 (900x675)

P1210638 (900x675)

Yoga studio9/10

Non-hot class: 2 rooms

Mats: Manduka.

Class size: Big

Cleanliness: Clean your own mat

P1210635 (900x675)

Changing room: 8/10

Toilet: 2 (not sure)

Showers: 3 (not sure)

Towels: For rent

Water: Tea and filtered water are provided for free

Lounge area: Huge common area

Lockers: Bring your own lock

Surry Hills is a good neighbourhood to check out in Sydney if you want to find cool boutique studios. Others I’ve been to have been really luxurious and almost like a breed of their own, introducing new features (like humming echo or moving images while you have your class), but In Yoga is like a normal yoga studio done right. You get a real yoga experience here without the extra features.

P1210655 (900x675)


Unlike hipster studios, this studio is very spacious, well maintained, clean and bright, showers available and has good vibes. Compared to most other studios, this is already considered a luxurious one since some places only provides a shabby venue with no other frills. This one has a proper reception and lounge area too.

P1210656 (900x675)

Retail section

P1210631 (900x675)

Lounge area

P1210633 (900x675)

Corridor to the changing room

The ceilings are very tall for the yoga rooms and there’s lots of space for everyone. They have a pantry for making tea as well. Water dispenser is provided with free filtered water.

P1210654 (900x675)

Selection of tea

You need to bring your own mat, or rent one for $2. Members can actually park their mats here for a fee which is a good idea if this becomes your regular studio.

P1210630 (900x675)

Manduka mats for rent

P1210627 (900x675)

Mat storage

It was winter and for my flow class, they kept the room slightly warm – around 25 deg C, for comfort. For summer they do not use the heaters. They do not believe in hot classes here.

The changing room was simple but adequate. Towels are available for rental, like most other studios in this country. They provide hairdryers and a proper dressing area. Lockers are on bring your own lock basis but I think you can borrow a lock if you forget.

Also note that they run a lot of workshops, events, training and retreats too, with specials for their members. If I were a resident in Sydney living around this area, this would be the kind of studio I would like to join for regular practice!

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