Powered By Art with Baron Baptise

P1220686 (900x675)

Powered by Art is another community yoga class/event organized by Lululemon. The highlight of this was Baron Baptise, a global ambassador of Lululemon and famous for his Baptise Power Yoga. While I am not a practitioner of this style of yoga, it was nice to have a famous yogi in town and it’s nice to experience a class of his personally. Thanks to Lululemon, this event was free for all and they provided free water, dinner by Grain (a healthy food catering service) and free entrance to a special art exhibition in the Asian Civilisation Museum.

20160820_180258 (900x675)

The turn out was quite massive, a few hundreds.

P1220690 (675x900)

Baron Baptise

20160820_190526 (900x675)20160820_190547 (900x675)20160820_190634 (900x675)

As with most community classes, the pace was kept slow and manageable. It was the atmosphere that was unique.

20160820_190807 (900x675)20160820_191212 (675x900)

Relaxation towards the end was nice, just hanging our legs in the air doing nothing.

20160820_191747 (900x675)

Would like to thank Lululemon and all sponsors for making Powered by Art possible!

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