Pure Apparel

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Pure Apparel is an active wear brand owned by Pure Group. This brand has been around for around 2 years now, and is available at all Pure Yoga outlets exclusively, as well as online for those living in cities outside of Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei.

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Top: Ballerina Bra (Power Pink) - $70
Bottoms: Laced Up Leggings (Black) - $120


New designs comes in only seasonally, so don’t expect Lululemon’s scale of operations where new stocks comes in weekly. The same designs typically stay for several months before being slowly phased out through biannual clearance sales – which is typically 30% off selected items.

Generally, it seems that the colours and designs are selected to suit the Hong Kong consumers. There’s a distinct trend in their items that marks its identity as a Pure Apparel piece. I can only describe it as being Hong Kong style… Most items are designed for yoga, which looks feminine and soft, but they do have a range of tougher looking items suitable for running and high impact activities. 



Price wise, it’s only about 15% – 20% less than that of Lululemon in Singapore, which is still on the high side. For Pure Group members (Yoga and Fitness), 10% off is applicable to full priced items. Participants of special workshops or teacher’s training will get a 20% off voucher. Price quoted of my items are the full retail price.


Top: Lululemon
Bottoms: Long Leggings (Geranium) - $120


Generally, I feel the cut is tailored for Asian bodies as well. The length of long leggings aren’t too long and I can wear them without having too much excess. The length of tank tops also aren’t as long as Lululemon’s and end decently above my hips, for most of them.

The size however, runs slightly larger than Lululemon. For certain items, their Size 2 fits a Lululemon Size 4. There are certain items which stays true to size though, so you probably need to try it out yourself. From those pieces I’ve tried, the bottoms tends to run larger, while some tops and bras runs true to size. I’d say it’s 50-50 thing between needing Size 2 and 4 for me (I wear Size 4 in almost everything Lululemon).

I use my pieces for yoga and they have been comfortable and the sizes I picked fit well.


Top: Lululemon
Bottoms: Laced Up Leggings (Power Pink) - $120


As most items are designed for yoga, they use a fair bit of cottony feel Supplex® fabric ( 88% polyamide, 12% elastane). These feels somewhat like Lululemon’s Luon, but of course, not exactly the same technically.

They also use the synthetic looking fabric that typical active wear uses (78% Polyester, 22% Lycra®) for some items, mostly for their non-yoga range.

Both are stretchy enough to be fully functional for yoga without threatening to break apart. The seams are also professionally stitched.

I do have to say however, for their pants most of them are quite sheer even though the material does not feel thin. A skin coloured thong is highly recommended.

On the other hand, I do like that the colour does not run when washing or during class when I’m sweaty! Even the bright pink items which looks like it potentially would shed some colour, did not shed a single bit of dye. I am impressed. My orange leggings did not as well. On the contrary, only the black one did turn the water darker when washing, but that happens with most of my black active wear. The material also stayed in good condition and did not deteriorate after a few wears and washes.



I would not really pay full price for these, but at sales prices I would purchase if an item is to my liking (like the above). I love the pieces I own (only 3 bottoms and 1 bra top now)!




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