Studio Review: Sadhana Sanctuary *closed*

Update: I just found out that this studio is now closed. This isn’t surprising based on how terrible the management was…


Management: 1/10

Sales staff/ reception: Will try to sell.

Membership options: Prices and types of packages change all the time and you can only find out at the studio, but prices are relatively low.

Class booking: Online booking on mindbodyonline for members or SMS booking for trials. Peak hour classes gets fully booked quick and you may need to stay up to 12am to be the first to book in order to secure places. Schedule released 1 week ahead and class types can change with teacher.

Number of outlets: 1.


  •     Character: White office lights and walls make the place look more like a dental clinic/ tuition center than a yoga studio. The character of this place did not give me any “yoga” feel.
  •     Condition: Changing room is not well maintained with stench in shower cubicles. Yoga room is still intact.

Crowd attracted: Mostly office workers, late 20s – 40s, many of which look new to and unfamiliar with yoga.

Class types: Many styles of yoga available, subject to the teacher taking the class, both hot and non-hot.

Crowd: Very crowded. Classes always fully booked and there are many people waiting around the lounge area.

Cleanliness: Mats are cleaned after every class. Shoes are left at the door (shoe racks installed) but floor is not very clean due to high volume of people coming in.

Class timing: As many as 17 classes throughout the day, starting from 7:15am to 9pm, almost back to back.


Yoga studio: 7/10

Hot class: Infrared panels are used. Heat was mildly hot and easily manageable.

Non-hot class: Air-conditioned.

Mats: Manduka.

Class size: 40 – 60 students for each room (can’t remember exactly).


Changing room: 3/10

Toilet: Outside only.

Showers: Few cubicles considering how large the classes are, and in not so good condition.

Towels: Provided at reception.

Water: Available. Free beverage pantry available to members.

Lounge area: Very big, but changing rooms are very small.

Lockers: Designated locker key will be given when you sign in.

My Opinion:

Firstly the ambiance of this place failed to impress me. In fact, it was below benchmark in my opinion. The place looked way too office/ clinic/ tuition center like to be a zen sanctuary for yoga. I did not feel any yoga vibes being here and in fact felt negative about it. It feels as though this place was set up purely for commercial purposes and not really for spreading the word of yoga.

Office workers who look mainly new to yoga (many dressed in non-yoga attire, in other words not much Lululemon spotted) seemed to make up majority of crowd. In short, the members they attract here are different from what other studios may attract, based on my observation.

The front desk was also kind of pushy and they have the consultant system. I felt this when I called up to book my first class after getting a Groupon deal. Price transparency is poor here because they do not have a fixed published rate. The price could drop just 1 month after you sign up.

I once joined a 90mins class and I was told they would deduct 2 sessions instead of 1 – quite absurd in my opinion. No other studios do this. I also did not like how they change class types according to teachers and sometimes it’s without warning. I once turned up for a Vinyasa class only to be informed that they changed it the very last minute to Ashtanga. However, I must mention that the teachers employed here are legit and any management failure issue has nothing to do with them.

The changing room was too small for comfort. I did not quite understand this, because the lounge area was huge. The condition of the place was not well maintained probably due to over use by their too many members. I feel I cannot leave my things unattended anywhere, hence I can’t really feel at home being here.

Overbooking is a problem at this studio too because they probably attracted too many member than what they can accommodate.

Pros: Low prices, many class types to choose from, many classes throughout the day, good quality Manduka mats used.
Cons: No yoga feel ambiance, slightly pushy, overbooking, poor maintenance.
Rating: 3.66/10

Sādhanā Sanctuary

103 Penang Road
Visioncrest Commercial
Singapore 238467

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