Studio Review: Fitness First Singapore

Management: 7/10

Sales staff/ reception: Hard selling but not very pushy.

Membership options: Different prices for different durations and like all mega studios, joining fees apply.

Class booking: Not necessary.

Number of outlets: 17


  • Character: A typical fitness gym.
  • Condition: Well maintained.

Crowd attracted: Gym goers, many newcomers to yoga.

Class types: Mostly beginner friendly, hot classes available.

Crowded: Yes, at peak hours.

Cleanliness: Mats are removed to be cleaned after used.

Class timing: More yoga classes available at the Market Street gym.


Yoga studio: 6/10

Hot class: Hot air heater located at the front of the room (Market Street).

Non-hot class: Air-conditioned room.

Mats: Exercise mats with bouncy texture.

Class size: No restriction.


Changing room: 9/10

Toilet: 4. (Market Street)

Showers: Plenty

Towels: Provided. T-shirt and shorts also provided.

Water: Dispenser available.

Lounge area: Anywhere in the gym.

Lockers: Access card locker.

My opinion:

A mega gym is not really the best place to go for yoga but this chain offers many yoga classes for those who wish to try. However, it was obvious that most participants aren’t yoga regulars, hence the class standard was kept basic for everybody to keep up with, even though the teacher was well qualified. This environment is not ideal for serious practioners looking to advance in yoga. The mats provided was not yoga grade and are designed for multi-purpose use, suitable for other gym classes too. The type of heater used is not ideal for a real hot yoga experience, being situated in front of the studio, resulting in uneven heat distribution (but that’s good news for people looking for cools spots like me). The studio has no mirrors too.

Essentially this is a gym and yoga is not the main attraction here. It is alright to start exploring yoga here, since classes are approachable to newcomers, but serious practioners should look to shift somewhere else to level up eventually where there are more like minded yogis.

Pros: Good changing room facilities, well maintained, clean, multiple locations island wide and overseas.
Cons: Crowd attracted mostly unfamiliar with yoga, lack of proper yoga facilities in the yoga room
Rating: 6.5/10

Fitness First Singapore

63 Market Street
#02-01 & #03-01
Bank of Singapore Centre
Singapore 048942

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