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I used to wear shorts for yoga but in recent months, I’ve converted to pants or crops because it’s way more convenient and I got over the mental fear of the heat. It’s better to let the pants soak up and wick away sweat than to leave it dripping all over your legs in my opinion. Wiping is quite troublesome and with pants/ leggings/ crops you don’t need to do that. It is also easier to get into arm balances wearing pants.

I have bottoms from other brands and I can confirm that not all tights are suitable for yoga. Some materials are not stretchy enough and will restrict movement. It is highly annoying to adjust the fabric around during yoga (or risk getting holes in the crotch perhaps). Lululemon has done a good job in making these products with yoga movements in mind and the stretchiness is great for yoga, for most of their fabrics.

Below are the fabrics used:


Luon is our signature technical fabric designed to handle serious stretch and sweat. We love Luon and we use it a lot – tanks, tops, pants, jackets, you name it. Every member of the Luon family has these performance qualities:

  • sweat-wicking
  • four-way stretch
  • cottony soft
  • breathable
  • designed not to shrink


Full-On Luon™

A tight-knit version of our Luon fabric, Full-On Luon is a high-performance fabric that gives incredible support and coverage with a cottony-soft feel (seriously, it’s like wearing a hug while you move). Four-way stretch.


  • sweat-wicking, breathable fabric has strategically placed ventilation
  • seamless construction helps reduce chafing
  • ribbed panels let these crops move with you, so you can bend, twist and fold at will


1. Wunder Under Crops *Reversible (Pizzaz/ Soot Light)

Material: Luon

This was my very first pair of Lululemon bottoms with 20.5″ lenght and I love the orange colour. Orange is on the right side while grey is on the reverse side (so you’ll get orange stitching). The Luon material is not very thick and somehow it gets looser when wet.

2. Wunder Under Crop II (Reversible) – Clear Mint/ Black

Material: Luon

This updated version is a little longer (21.5″) for more coverage compared to the older Wunder Under Crop. Black is on the right side and mint is on the reverse, so black stitching can be seen on green side. I do like the longer length and I love how soft and smooth the Luon feels.

3. High Times Pants – Black

Material: Full On Luon

This is quite a new addition to Lululemon and it’s in a new category called 7/8 pants (26″). It ends somewhere at the ankles and is good for people of my height because the long pants length is usually too long for me. The rise is also higher than usual, but lower than the Roll Down version of Wunder Under pants or crops. However, I don’t understand why mine has a seam on the side of the legs (it’s not supposed to be there according to Lululemon GEC). Otherwise, it’s almost like Wunder Unders. The Full On Luon fabric feels thicker and less smooth than normal Luon but it hugs better indeed and is flattering to the rear area. The pants did not loosen up after sweating and I think it’s the material.

4. Seamlessly Street Crops – Heathered Iris

Material: Seamless

I got these in my usual size 4 but somehow it feels looser than my other pants. It could be the material that made the difference. The fabric performed alright for yoga and it was comfortable. It also looks flattering but I still prefer Wunder Unders or High Times Pants. The length is also shorter than Wunder Unders.

5. Wunder Under Crops II (Full On Luon) – Hawk Blue

Material: Full On Luon

This is the non-reversible version (you can still wear it inside out though, they have logos on both sides) with only one colour. The Full On Luon material, being thicker and coarser, doesn’t feel that nice to touch but the fit is more flattering than normal Luon versions. It fits tighter, therefore more flattering. The stretch was really good and it stayed in place well throughout my 3 classes of yoga. It’s a yoga wardrobe staple, I must say.

6. Wunder Unders Crops II (hi-rise) – Sapphire Blue

Material: Luon

The rise of this is higher than the High Times Pants. The length is the same as regular Wunder Unders Crops II.

P1150531 (900x675).jpg

7. High Times Pants – Cranberry

Material: Full on Luon

I got this at the store on sale and it was a great buy! Unlike the black one, this one did not come with an extra seam at the side. It reaffirmed my preference of this cutting. The length, rise, fit and design was perfect for me.

IMG_20160212_110006 (900x675)

8. High Times Pants *Reversible – Grapefruit/ Slate 

Material: Luon

I was happy to find this on sale too! The material again is like reversible Luon, softer than usual. However, parts of the grey side’s colour actually stained the grapefruit side. Not so impressed about that. Thankfully it was in places not so visible.

P1170917 (900x675).jpg

9. Wunder Under Pants *Reversible – Raspberry Glo/ Black Swan

Material: Luon

Like my reversible crops, reversible Luon tends to be softer. This pants is 30″ long and cannot be hemmed because it is reversible. For other non reversible pants, hemming is FREE at every Lululemon store. 30″ is way too long for me but it doesn’t bother me a lot because this colour is too nice! I don’t think I’ll use the black side though.

IMG_20160211_163138 (900x675)

10. High Times Pants – Raspberry

Material: Full on Luon

I love this cutting so much I just had to get my 4th piece.

IMG_20160215_154643 (900x675).jpg

10 thoughts on “Lululemon Bottoms

  1. Hey, I really enjoy your yoga posts! Please keep writing, there aren’t many who blog about yoga in Singapore. May I know which are the teachers you like at Hom Yoga? (:


    1. Hi! Thanks for reading my blog. I will be posting more reviews as I try out more studios over the next few weeks. I will be sending you an email regarding my favourite teachers. Look out for it in a bit!


  2. Hi! Thanks for the really useful review on Lululemon pants. I’m so close to getting a pair but I’m still undecided on the style to purchase. I’m concerned that high times will be too long for me (I’m only 156 cm tall). Do you mind letting me know your height so I can estimate how they will potentially look like on myself? Also, does high times provide more compression than WUC?


    1. Hi, I’m 157 and they’re definitely not too long. In fact if I wear them properly (meaning it’s pulled properly up to my crotch), it ends a inch or 2 above the bone at the side of ankle. And for myself my proportion of torso is longer than my legs so it’s safe so say I have shorter legs.

      The fit is the same as wunder unders because it’s the same fabric and construction. But note that reversible wunder unders have a different material and tend to be looser. For compression styles u can refer to lulu’s site for the running series. Those pants have more compression for sure!


    2. Oh and one more thing, lulu stores offers free hemming (even if purchased overseas) so if you get the wunder under pants and need to correct the length it is possible for free.


      1. Thank you so much for the information! Um just one more thing, the reviews on their website always seem so harsh (case in point – the pilling issue), but I see so many people wearing Lulu pants in my yoga class. Do the pants hold up decently in your experience?


      2. I’ve never had major issues, but for luon fabric the inner thighs may get piling after some use. It’s not super obvious because I don’t really notice the crotch area every time but it won’t look like brand new there, after many uses. The luxtreme ones are resistant to piling in the inner thighs.

        Also if you wear it outside if yoga, friction from your bag (eg. Sling bags which lands around your hips) may scratch the surface and cause obvious furring immediately. I suppose this will happen if you sit on rough surfaces too – the luon material isn’t hardy enough to withstand such friction. But usage in just a yoga environment won’t cause such thing.

        For both cases of piling (from natural use) or furring (from being scratched), you could take it back and they could help you shave it off if you really need help!

        Generally I don’t think these are of superb quality like it might have been 5 years ago, but comparing to other no-brand pants like cotton on its definitely much much better. The 4 way stretch gives me freedom to move around without feeling restriction from the material (or fearing it will tear apart) and that’s good enough for me!


  3. Oh just to add on, I’ve purchased quite a few pieces of tanks and sports bra from Lululemon (some are a few years old), and have never encountered any quality issue. So I’m just curious to hear your take on the quality/ longevity of the pants (they’re so expensive haha). Thanks!!


    1. The newer material definitely isn’t as good as those from many years ago, unfortunately. But it’s still better than many others out there I feel. Just one thing I don’t really like is that colours will bleed (like I soak in water I can see colours bleeding).

      Overall even though the quality dipped for sure, though it isn’t to the extent of bad quality. Maybe in the past it was 9/10, now it’s like 7.5/10.

      If you’re looking for super good quality to justify paying this price for a yoga pants then you might be disappointed! The expectations for purchase shouldn’t be because it’s the best quality (cos now it isn’t), but more like it’s of nice design + better than average quality.


      1. Thanks for the detailed feedback! I totally agree on the reason for purchase being nice design + above average quality. Somehow I find their pants to be stylish, even the basic black ones! Definitely going to order a pair to try for myself. Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it 🙂


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